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This one has always been completely pointless. Just give every unit a single value for damage output, which is the same as the average. I am trying to make a map where each unit get random damage. I tried changing the value with catalog field value set and with upgrades. Random Damage only applies to firearms (conventional, laser and plasma) and can vary between -1 and +1 of the weapon's fixed Base Damage. Using the set up outlined here, is there a way to make the player and the enemy's damage output random instead of a set number? Random Damage. CD Album; Original U.S. Pressing - Jewel Case With Front And Back Inserts - Sticker On Front. Label: Mascot - M 2. No matter where I am I always get a random prick and I'm wondering if there's any way to fix it. I am getting server disconnects and loosing everything, but also taking random damage. No sound, or gunshots, just damage. I keep getting random damage on my low bed trailers without hitting anything. Sometimes even the truck and/or cargo get damaged. It affects the battle damage system in that damage is no longer simply a A lower number makes it steeper (less random), a higher number. they sail and it's all okay, as soon as I get on the boat and the random 10 damage hits comes back. Doesn't matter the type of boat for.

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